fire retardant paint

Fire Retardant Coatings

We offer skilled professionals to install fire intumesent coatings to steel and wood.

We are certificated by Firetex and Cafco Fire Retardant Coatings for 1 to 4 hours rating on interior and exterior applications.

We also provide wet and dry films tests to ensure rating at protected steel/wood members.

Firetex FX5120 CAFCO

fire coating aplication spray intumesent painting fire coating over steel
mix pictures of intumesent paints jobs


  • Grace church NYC

  • Hudson yards NYC

  • RH meat packing NYC

  • Louis Vuitton NYC

  • 12E 88th Street Condo NYC

intumesent wet measurement

Wet measurement

Performed after every coat application and recorded on a signing sheet.

dry test for intumesent paint

Dry measurement

Performed when completed to test rating electronically. It can be topcoated to any color.

signing sheet for intumesent paint aplication info sheet from pnc to clients Firetex info sheet Firetex info sheet Firetex info sheet Firetex info sheet